Monday, 2 September 2013

Price of a Kiss, Linda Kage

Running from her psycho ex-boyfriend the last thing ‘Reese Randall’ needed was from Mason to come along with even more baggage.

Mason Lowe needed to keep his job to help support his family and that was that, he didn’t care what other people thought of him, until Reese came along, knowing he needed to keep his distance from her but he just couldn’t.

I thought the story line Linda Kage thought up was really good, it’s not every day you read a book about a college gigolo and end up routing for him and the girl to get together, but Linda got you to empathise with Mason and understand that he had to do this, he had to sell himself to help his family survive with his sisters medical bills and his mum not being able to afford rent, he needed to do this.

The connection between Mason and Reese had you wanting that relationship for yourself, they were best friends and could be themselves around each other – yes ‘Reese’  was hiding her real name from him, but that didn’t matter because when they were around each other they were both so real and the passion and chemistry between them was incredible. They both knew how they really felt about each other which is frustrating as Mason’s job kept them apart.

The book doesn’t drag at all and isn’t very repetitive, there any many different relationships throughout the book and Linda shows you that it doesn’t matter how different you are from someone you can be friends or more.  However I felt as if Eva, Reese’s cousin’s role in the book didn’t really mean anything she could have not been in the book and it would have been exactly the same. Sarah, Mason’s sister on the other hand helped the progression of their relationship seeing Mason in a different environment, relaxing and the love he has for his family showing through was incredible.

I connected with both of the characters on a physical and emotional level and it’s one of the first times I fell in love with the leading lady as well as the man. I really liked Reese’s awkwardness but also abruptness and I was able to relate to that, I also liked being able to understand what was going on in her head, read her thoughts so to say. The vulnerability Mason shows to Reese had my heart aching throughout, I also liked how he would be able to put that wall back up straight away as if nothing had happened, it showed you even more how vulnerable and broken he is.

I really enjoyed this book, and therefore give it a 4* rating.

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