Monday, 16 September 2013

The Impact of You, Kendall Ryan

Trying to keep her past in the past, Avery has spent the most recent years of her life trying to stay in the background, being unnoticed by everyone, that is until she stumbles across Jase at a frat party.

Jase likes women and sex, commitment is the last thing on his mind. But his life is thrown upside when his mum tries to commit suicide, showing him not to take things for granted, so when he sees Avery at a frat party standing out like a sore thumb, he can’t stop himself, he needs to know her.  

After reading reviews for this book and hearing all the hype about it, I was so excited to finally read it and I must say I was far from disappointed. At the beginning of the book I thought we were going to have to wait until Jase found out what Avery was hiding before we did, but Kendall sneakily dropped hints throughout the book about what was going on with Avery or as Jase calls her “Whistle” and it helped with the suspense of when Jase was going to find out.

I liked Jase’s character that we never got to see his ‘bad boy’ days so to us the reader he was always the Jase we got to meet, the loving and caring person. The boy that made your heart race and stop at the same time with his kindness and forwardness.

I felt as if Kendall wrote Avery’s character really well, you really could see her insecurities and her doubting herself, there were no moments where suddenly Avery would be strong, like in some books, this was a gradual thing, which was helped along by Jase being her ‘life coach.’

I felt the story line for this book was different to some, with a sex scandal and an attempted suicide, but also the same in some ways as there was a love triangle and arguments, but all that makes for get reading. The first few sex scenes had me wanting Avery to let Jase carry on because I was so into the books, but I am glad that she didn’t because I felt as if when they finally got to have sex, it completed the book without there having to be a ‘happily ever after ending’ that and Avery getting on the fact she took nude pictures of herself and they went around her school. 

Her and Jase are together and it hasn’t been easy them getting there and it probably won’t be easy after that, but that’s life and I feel that Kendall wrote the ending as if it would happen in everyday life, no false hopes just reality. 

Jase stole my heart and I give this book a 4* rating.
I am excited to read more books by Kendall Ryan

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