Friday, 6 September 2013

White Trash Beautiful, Teresa Mummert

Cass Daniels knew that knights in shining armor were for fairy tales and she accepted that she would spend the rest of her life trying to get out of the trailer park where she lives.

Tucker White was just starting to make a name for himself after not having the best childhood, his band ‘Damaged’ are on the edge of getting signed, but from the moment he met Cass everything changed.

I liked this book so much I ended up reading it in one sitting, couldn’t put it down. I liked the setting for the book and how Teresa gave the main characters both rubbish childhoods, the only difference between them in this book is Tucker’s life changed and Cass’s didn’t. But it shows the reader that you can change your life and that sometimes things happen for a reason.

Teresa touched on a lot of important issues with this book, violence, domestic abuse and drug abuse. It wasn’t a light read and for me there was some heart wrenching parts of the book but I likes how Tucker and Cass reacted to each other, straight away you knew that the moment they met would change both of their lives.

The moment Tucker entered the book, I fell in love with the description as well as his attitude towards Cass and throughout the book fell more and more in love with him, his openness and the way would treat Cass as if she were the only girl in the world, as if she was his world. Teresa wrote the ideal man, one with a bad boy side, but one that would never harm you and give you all the love you deserve, someone to protect you.

I felt that Cass’s home life could have played more of a part in the book, as when it came up it was just her coming back from work wishing Jax and her mum were passed out and then going to bed, waking up and going to work. Cass would tell you what Jax would do to her, and you’d see his change in personality when he wasn’t using. But the only time her home life came into the book full force was towards the end when Jax attacked her.

Throughout the book you watched Cass fight her feelings for Tucker because she had Jax at home and it was frustrating, sometimes I found myself wanting to shout at her to just leave Jax and be with Tucker. She was staying in this abusive relationship and it was to infuriating as Tucker kept laying his heart of the line for her and she kept leaving him, even when Jax was out of the picture she was still finding reasons to leave him, when all he wanted was her.

I am excited to read 'White Trash Damaged' to find out how their relationship turns out. I give this book a 3.5* rating.

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