Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pulse, Gail McHugh

Pulse – The sequel to collide, where do I even begin?

I was so happy when this book picked up exactly where Collide finished, as I hate it when sequels continue ‘6months’ or ‘a year later’ and Gail McHugh did not disappoint me.

I found myself going through the same emotions as Emily did I was that enthralled in the book. The beginning of this book you followed Emily through a really emotional time, from the beating she took from Dillon to her flying to find Gavin and fighting for him. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

This book from the beginning to the end shows that love in its strongest form can beat anything that is thrown at it. With Gavin and Emily finally getting ‘officially’ together and jumping into their relationship at full pace, everything is good at them and they can finally just be. That is until more drama happens at Christmas which brings unwanted Dillon back into their lives. But without giving too much away they over come every hurdle that is thrown their way and end up being stronger than ever.

Gavin’s ‘swoon worthy’ attitude is back in full force and he is still as arrogant as ever if not even more so as he finally got the girl, he has be laughing, he has me 'awwing', also the way he describes what he’s going to do to Emily is extremely intense. He is one of my favourite book boyfriends, hands down.

In this book Emily’s character grew on me a bit more, she was almost stronger in a way, I feel that she felt stronger in herself and Gail did a really good job of showing the audience that, yes she had her whiny, vulnerable moments, but she wouldn’t be Emily if she didn’t, but being without Dillon and with Gavin she owned herself and reading that progress amazed me.

The sex scenes in this book did not disappoint, they were as hot and steamy as ever. They weren’t too graphic but the way the emotions and the movements were described was powerful and mesmerizing.

The thing I love about reading is the way an author is capable to drag you into a different world and for that moment while you are reading you are part of the book and even when I put the book down I find myself in this place between reality and the book, it’s honestly amazing what authors can do and Gail McHugh did not disappoint in anyway, she dragged me into Gavin and Emily’s world from beginning to end of both books.

This book and series as a whole deserve a 5* rating!

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