Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fear of Falling, S.L. Jennings

Kami had her two best friends, they were her family. She didn’t need anyone else and in her eyes it wasn’t worth it, the pain of seeing them hurt when she couldn’t return their feelings.

Blaine has just got his life on track, owning Dive, he’s moved on from the playboy he used to be and is now just trying to survive.

I must say after reading some of the reviews for this book I was disappointed. I thought it was going to be amazing, and it had the potential to be, the storyline was a good one. However I found it so repetitive. And Blaine’s nickname for Kami was so fitting ‘Roadrunner’ because that’s what she spent the whole book doing, running away from her feelings, running away from her fears, running from her father.

I liked Blaine’s character but at the same time thought he was a bit silly sticking around trying to ‘save’ this girl he didn’t even know, she didn’t let him in enough to be able to love her in my eyes, all she did was push him away and he was always there when she came to her senses and came back to him, which I found was unrealistic.

I don’t even know where to start with Kami’s character, there was so much potential to make her character great, to show the reader how you can grow and change your life with the right people around you. But Kami’s character to me just seemed too weak, to scared, didn’t care whether she lived or died and I didn’t like that.

The ending of the book when it only took her 3 months after her father attacked her one last time, to finally get her life on track was a little farfetched. If anything she should have been more broken then she was at the beginning because it was a new opened wound, but she just got on with her life, living happily without Blaine after she sent him away, it just didn’t really add up to me. She had spent the whole book being broken and unable to love and be loved and she got over that so quickly without any help and after an attack that should have ruined her.

I feel that S.L. Jennings had such a good story line, but failed to make it as good as it could have been. I give this book a 1.5* rating.

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