Thursday, 27 February 2014

Forged, G.A Regla PROMO

Title:   Forged (Fragments of Me #1)
Author:  G.A. Regla
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  14 February 2014
Cover Designed by:  Whispering Words Graphics


What happens when the lines of love and friendship are blurred?

After discovering a heart shattering secret Elora Gerent collects the fragments of her life, and returns home in hopes of finding a way to put them all together. What she didn't expect to find was her sexy playboy neighbor Thane. 

Thane has shards of his own that he's left with to reassemble. Never did he imagine that the wholesome girl next door would make him even want to try. On the Eve of this fourth deployment a hope is crushed and they part on bad terms. 

When a dreaded phone call reaches Elora she realizes that the frame is always bigger than its picture. 

Will Thane and Elora remain fragments of who they are, or will they forge the shattered shards?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Serenity Falls, Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch

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ARC received by author for an honest review

Where do I begin?

Just by reading the synopsis of this book I was already hooked, a broken girl and a hot cowboy what more could you want in a book? And I must say I was not let down by this book at all, it contained drama, sex, love, heartbreak and humour as well as the odd country song.

Kenleigh was a stronger character than I thought she was going to be when I read the synopsis and the opening of the book, she managed to grow from this broken depressed girl into a woman who helped children get through depression and disabilities, and she did this by helping out on the Serenity Falls Farm in the summer. Horses helped her get through her depression so she wanted to give back, plus she loved the family that ran the farm. However this summer, she was not expecting Wes to show up and throw her through a loop.

Together they were perfect and fun, doing things that us girls only dream a  guy would do with us, of course they had their ups and downs what kind of book would it be if they didn’t. But it wasn’t repetitive; they all had their place their purpose that made this book a good read.

Wes is a professional bull rider (I know classic cowboy) and his looks and job make the girls swoon (even the ones reading the book) he never really settled down, but when he meets Kenleigh that’s what he wants, her and him to live happily ever after. Through the book you see him win Kenleigh over and treat her like a princess and fight for her when things go bad.

I was a little disappointed in the ending, in my opinion it should have been different, a lot of YA books end the way this one ended. I just thought because the book had been so great, that the ending was a little disappointed, that being send it did tie the book up in a nice bow.

I really enjoyed this book, reading about the journey to love between Kenleigh and Wes. I give this book a 4* rating.