Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Girl on Tour, Caisey Quinn

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Finally Kylie and Trace got together and even better Trace seems to be getting help for his drinking at the end of the first book, which made me want to read on, see them finally be happy together.

Once I read the first book I went straight onto the 2nd without getting up for air, I just needed more Trace and Kylie in my life. 

I liked the storyline Caisey came up with for the sequel and I liked the new characters Mia and Lily (not so much Gretchen) I also liked Kylies even feistier attitude.

I was looking forward to seeing Trace and Kylie together happy, but obviously there is three box so that was never going to be the case and what happened was you very rarely saw them together at all because they were both on their own tours. But they seemed to make it work at the beginning with skype and phone calls, also planning to meet up when their shows were in the same area.

I liked Mia’s character and how bitchy she was and it was nice seeing Kylie around different people other than Trace and her best friend, you almost got to see a different side to her a girly side which was great.

I didn’t like Gretchen, only because of the drama she causes between Kylie and Trace, but as a character she is a great one and Caisey has written her really well. The alcoholism, but also her insecurities come out, and her bitchiness of course.

This book wasn’t so much about the music even though they were both on tour, there wasn’t many lyrics being shown in the book apart from the one Kylie, Lily and Mia wrote together to perform closing the show every night, which was a shame as I enjoyed that in the first book. But there was a lot more drama and arguments, which weren’t overdone and wasn’t too many, they were all different.

I cannot wait for the final book; I don't want to wait until January 2014! I give this book a 4* rating, it was good but not as good as the first.

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