Monday, 23 September 2013

Girl with Guitar, Caisey Quinn

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Kylie Ryan’s has the dream of most Southern Girls who can sing, make it in the country music world and be as big as Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, after her father dying and her step monster kicking her to the curb she hops on a bus from Oklahoma to Nashville to pursue her dream. When she gets a lucky break and is given the chance to tour with Trace Corbin she can’t believe it.

Trace Corbin is a platinum selling artist in the country music world, but he is also a drunk, when Kylie joins his tour she calls him out on his shit, and he slowly falls for her, while pushing her further away at the same time.

Caisey Quinn had me with the opening page of this book and the plot was fantastic and I think it helped that I love country music and want to live in a southern state of America.  I loved the sexual, heated and argumentative tension between Kylie and Trace, Caisey wrote this book in a way that even though Trace is a major douche bag and an alcoholic you route for him and Kylie to get together. This book was also funny, there is one scene that stuck in my mind when Kylie plays Poker with Traces band mates and manages to swindle them out of $400 by pretending she doesn’t know how to play.

Trace has had a troubled past, but that does not excuse him for missing sound checks and sometimes shows altogether and Kylie being the spitfire she is doesn’t take it, because it’s not only his dream he’s ruining its hers. After a big blow up because Kylie had a glass bottle thrown at her because Trace was a no show, everything kicked off and Kylie told Trace exactly what was on her mind and something that was said must have changed something in him because the next night he was on stage performing.

“Damn, the boy could sing. And Lord, those jeans. Oh no. She was becoming a Trace Corbin fan girl. She could feel it happening and she was powerless to stop it.”

This book flowed great, and I enjoyed the battle Kylie was having with herself at times, not knowing what was going on in her head, because how could she be falling for Trace Corbin the biggest arsehole in country music? But sober Trace was making her lose her heart, the one who took her to see his family, had a mud fight with, lost her virginity too. But like every good book nothing lasts for ever and it all came crashing down.

I thought Kylie was a good strong female character, very admirable. Strong willed, talented, innocent, and not afraid to fight for what she wants and a right spitfire. The way she stands up to everyone is amazing. I didn’t like Trace at the beginning, I thought it was very cocky but when he started to sober up and Kylie was falling for him, I was falling for him too. I was so wrapped up in the book I was feeling what Kylie was feeling and I love that about books and I’m so happy Caisey made that possible.

The book being about country music, it of course contained music and the lyrics to songs that were written were included in the book which was fantastic, they felt like real songs and tied scenes together and tied up mood and feelings and were a big part of the book which I loved.

I loved this book and cannot wait to read the rest in the series, I give this book a 5* rating and I recommend this to anyone who wants to read a light hearted yet heart breaking love story.  

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