Friday, 23 August 2013

Marked, Elisabeth Naughton

Casey has been living her life for 27 years without anything interesting happening and then within moments of meeting Theron it all changes.

Theron prides himself on his loyalty and doing the jobs his king has set for him, being an Argonaut was his life but when he meets Acacia he thinks that he’s found his soul mate.

I love reading books based around Greek Mythology like the Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini and the Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout so if I don’t like the first couple of a book I won’t carry it on knowing I won’t be hooked from the beginning. I must say Elisabeth Naughton’s Marked didn’t disappoint. Like most Greek Mythology books for Young Adults it is based not around the gods itself but a breed of people in-between Gods and humans.

Although Marked may be a short book it did not lack details and descriptions about the characters and places along the journey. I enjoyed the relationship between Theron and Casey and the constant battle Theron had with himself for him to do the thing he thought was right, Acacia was his soul mate so he couldn’t let her meet her sister so she could die. And the constant battle Theron faced with Casey being human and him having feelings for a human was unheard of, but when he found out she was a misos (half-breed)is even more unheard of as most of the Argoleans even know they exist. But he believed she was his soul mate and his love for her kept growing even with him fighting it.  

I enjoyed the fact that each individual character had their own background story which leads on to the follow up books that go on following another set of characters around as Theron and Casey have managed to get their happily ever after at the end of that story. Although they will appear in the other books they won’t be the prominent characters.

The sexual chemistry between Theron and Casey is hard to ignore, you get a feel for it the first time they meet, the sensations that run through Casey’s body, the dream Theron has after his attack. The way each touch between them is described will make everyone woman want to be in Casey’s position under Theron’s muscly body.

I liked how the book was rounded up and how towards the end Hades made an appearance to ‘fix’ everything but also cause trouble that would provide him entertainment as well as give Elisabeth a way to carry on writing this series.

I really enjoyed reading this book and give it a 4* rating. I look forward to reading Zander's story in the next book of the Eternal Guardians series, I give this book a 3* rating.

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