Thursday, 15 August 2013

College Girl, Shelia Grace

Alexis Reed has learnt to disconnect herself from feeling anything like love after her father walked out on her for a life of drugs and alcohol.

After losing his brother in a car accident Ryan Bennett never wanted to have the fear of losing someone again, so he never got close enough to let it happen.

This story gripped my attention from the beginning, watching Alex fall in love with someone who spent the whole book trying to fight his feelings for her and seeing her experience new feelings she didn’t know her body could feel. Although parts of it were a bit repetitive as Ryan kept leaving her, because he believed he was not good enough for her and Alex constantly getting herself into helpless situations.

The whole ‘forbidden love’ angle wasn’t played out as much as I thought it was going to be with Ryan being Alex’s Calculus TA which I enjoyed; they focused much more on the age gab and insecurities of both of the main characters.

Although I enjoyed the book, I was disappointed in the ending. Throughout the book Alex kept bringing up how she wanted her ‘happy ending’ and Shelia Grace gave her, her happy ending by Ryan proposing to her and of course she said yes. I knew the book was going to end happily, but I thought the ending was a little bit hard to believe in a real life situation as it happened after Ryan had again left her with a note after a night together saying “Don’t wait for me.”

I would recommend this book to any YA book reader, giving it a 4* rating.

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