Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Undescribable, Shantel Tessier

Sam’s life was perfect; she has just moved from Dallas to St. Louis with her boyfriend Jax and made new best friends with Holly and Micah.

Slade is the ultimate playboy, sleeps with a different girl every night, in the corner of the bar, in the toilets anywhere it doesn't matter, but when Sam calls him looking for Jax his whole world changes.

I enjoy when the author writes from the point of view from the different characters, it gives you an insight into each of their thoughts and the reasoning behind their actions. So when I saw that Shantel Tessier had done this I was happy. I enjoyed the way Shantel had 3 main stages in her book, Larry’s the bar, Slade’s house and Slade and Micah’s parents’ house, these 3 stages contain drama, important talks and love shared.

What Shantel did which is different from a lot of books I have read is have the leading man (Slade) fall for Sam just by hearing her voice, getting mesmerized by the way she says his name over the phone. I also enjoyed the way they met, Slade inviting Sam to have a threesome with him and Ginger in the toilet of Larry’s without even knowing who she was – not the best footing for a relationship but it was really funny to read.

Now I do love a side story and this book had a couple, I enjoyed the relationship between Micah and Holly and liked how now and again it would pop up into the story in the right places and then after they had their happily ever after when Micah proposed there was another one that only got started between Josh and Courtney, which didn't progress much as it happened at the end of the book, but you can imagine it working out well for them.

Even though Sam and Slade’s relationship involved a lot of arguments it wasn't too repetitive as their arguments  led to mind consuming make up sex, and the details about the movements and the thoughts Shantel went into helped you get a real idea of the relationship between Sam and Slade.

In true Sam and Slade style when they said ‘I love you’ wasn't like your usual fairy-tale ‘I love you’ when Sam finally talks to her mother again she has to deal with losing her all over again when she dies, Sam has a break down and realizes that she can’t be without Slade, she doesn't want to lose him like she lost everyone else in her family, and even though she was trying to hide her love for him to protect herself she can’t hide it anymore.

The ending of the book surprised me, which I was happy about. Usually with these types of books it flashes forward a couple of months or a year and there’s a wedding or a baby between the two main characters. This book didn't do that, it ended with Slade saying ‘I’m ready to give her the world, starting with my last name’ yes that put the idea of a wedding in your mind, but you don’t see it and you don’t see all the other couples getting together and living happily ever after, you are able to make up the ending for the characters, which is great.

I really enjoyed reading this book and give it a 4* rating. 

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