Saturday, 13 September 2014

Millie Mackintosh - AW14 The Dream Wardrobe

Millie Mackintosh is known for being on Made in Chelsea and of course being married to Professor Green. I have been religiously been following her style diary for the last couple of years, so when she launched her very own fashion line on September 10th 2014. 

When Millie was on Made in Chelsea, she was always the best dressed out of the cast and I was constantly wondering where she got her clothes and if she had a stylist, but turns out she just knows how to dress herself extremely well. 

So when she released her clothing line on Wednesday I was on her website in a second looking to buy a couple of pieces to add to my wardrobe. But I must say I was really disappointed. Her clothing line had the potential of being incredible, but I found it just very standard and honestly think there is nothing special about it, none of the items alone would make you stand out in the street. 

 Skirt £45.00
Shirt £40.00

 Skirt £59.00
Shirt £45.00

 Double Breasted Waistcoat £140.00

Dress £80.00

Also when I first saw the prices, I was a bit shocked and thought they were quite expensive. Now this could be because I have been in America for 3 months and everything there is cheap compared to England, so then I started to think about how much you can buy these items for in high street stores like Topshop, Mango and Zara and came to terms with the fact that, that's just the price that you buy clothes for. So she's not trying to bankrupt everyone with her fashion line and maybe her next line will be a bit more draw dropping as I know she has the potential to be an incredible high street and maybe celebrity fashion designer. 

But make the decision for yourself and have a look at her first fashion collection for AW14 - The Dream Wardrobe

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