Friday, 19 September 2014

Kendall Jenner, Reality Star or High Fashion?

When Kendall took part in fashion week in February  for the first time, like most people I suspect I was very sceptical about it, I mean this is Kendall Jenner famous for being on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, she isn’t a model! But boy was I wrong. When you see her walk on the runways you forget that she is part of that family and how she became famous, but realise that she could actually become a really successful high fashion model. 

(Kendall Jenner walking for Marc Jacob at New York Fashion Week, February 2014)

And I think that most fashion designers have noticed this as she is walking with some of the best. She walked the Givenchy runway with Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls and Georgia May Jagger.

(Kendall Jenner walking for Givenchy at Milan Fashion Week, September 2014)

There has been rumours going around that some of the other models have been bullying her because they believe she doesn't deserve to be here, she didn't work as hard as they have to get there. Yes that may be true, but it may also be so untrue, her family name could work in her favour, but also against her. She is a reality star, not an actress and in Hollywood being a reality star isn't that credible, there is a reason there was so much uproar about Kim being on the cover of Vogue, because they really are famous for doing nothing. 

Kendall cannot help that she has the bone structure, the legs, the stomach, the body for a runway model, but she would have had to have gone to casting calls just like all of the other models who walked on that runway. 

(Kendall Jenner walking for Tommy Hilfiger at New York fashion week, September 2014)

I think she is trying to branch out from the reality show and starting to make a name for herself as a model, and she is doing so well. I personally don't think there was a runway Kendall didn't walk down this fashion week, especially in New York. She wouldn't have booked all of those jobs if she wasn't good at what she did. 

 (Kendall Jenner walking for Donna Karan at New York fashion week, September 2014)

(Kendall Jenner walking for Marc Jacob at New York fashion week, September 2014)

I think she will make a great high fashion runway model. 

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