Monday, 13 January 2014

Fallen Crest Public, Tijan

ARC received by author for an honest review

Fallen Crest Public is the 3rd book in the Fallen Crest Series.

Being a huge fan of the Fallen Crest series I must say I was not let down and I found the book was better than Fallen Crest Family (book 2 in the series) one of the reasons for this is because I felt like the feisty Sam from Fallen Crest High (book 1 in the series) started to make an appearance but not completely.

I have so much love for Mason, but something’s he did in this book were unforgivable and strange, I understand that he was doing it with Sam’s best interest at heart, but I just found it a little farfetched and am unsure as to how Sam is able to get passed it all.

Logan is well same old Logan from the last two books, fun, argumentative and sexy as hell, however I didn’t like Tate being back and I didn’t really like the storyline that went along with her and Logan. But I guess it all happens for a reason, because if that didn’t happen the story would be different and the ending would have been completely different to what it was.

Katie and her friends were your average high school bullies, trying to take Sam down so they could be back in with Mason, Logan and Nate. Although their ways of doing this at the beginning was what you’d expect from high school students, Mason’s revenge was not, and was extreme.

This book was good and I am excited to read Fallen Fourth Down (book 4 in the series) however I really hope the book isn’t headed the way the cliff-hanger suggests, because I think that would ruin the series altogether.

This book was good, better than the last and I will be reading the next book in the series, therefore I give it  3* rating

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