Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Working It, Kendall Ryan

ARC received by author for an honest review

‘Working It’ is about Ben a drop dead gorgeous male model and Emmy a southern bell from Tennessee, so obviously they fall in love.

I enjoyed this book, although I didn’t love it. In my opinion it wasn’t one of Kendall’s best pieces of writing and was quite short.  I loved the idea of Ben being a model, not a really rich business man like most erotic novels, and his description was mouth-watering. I think that if the book was longer his feelings towards Emmy and their relationship wouldn’t have been as rushed.

I liked Emmy’s character although I didn’t think she was very strong willed, she gave in very easily at every difficult situation, sleeping with him for the first time, the threesome and the baby, she debated it for a second and went crawling back to Ben every time, doing anything to please him. And as much as I enjoyed reading the scene with Bray I felt it was very out of place in the book, came out of nowhere and innocent southern Emmy went along with it as if it was a normal thing.

My favourite character at the beginning of the book was Fiona, I saw a lot of comparisons to Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada, however as the book went on she became a lot more desperate and to me her character changed a drastic amount, she went from this strong woman who runs a business, to this desperate woman who tries to manipulate Ben into loving her.

To me the book had a lot of potential, the characters were all amazingly written and the story line could have been great, but because the story was so short I didn’t think the relationships had enough time to grow and we were sort of being thrown from scene to scene. That being said I will be reading the next 2 books in the series to see what happens with Ben and Emmy and if Fiona continues to get in between them.

The book could have been better, but like I said I will be reading the next book in the Love By Design series, so I give this book a 2.5 star rating

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